News - Skidhall för längdskidåkning i Göteborg.

Opening hours from 11th September

Our pistemachines are working hard on getting out the old snow and get the new snow on place. When we open on Monday 11th September the opening hours are as following:

Opening hours Ski arena

Monday 07:00-21:15

Tuesday 05:00-21:15

Wednesday 05:00-21:15

Thursday 05:00-21:15

Friday 05:00-20:15

Saturday 08:00-18:00

Sunday 08:00-17:00

Staffed opening hours

Monday 09:00-19:30

Tuesday 11:00-19:30

Wednesday 11:00-19:30

Thursday 09:00-19:30

Friday 11:00-18:00

Saturday 08:00-16:00

Sunday 08:00-16:00

News - Skidhall för längdskidåkning i Göteborg.

Out with the old, in with the new

From August 6 until September 10 we will replace the old snow with new fresh snow. During this time we have closed, both the Skidome and our shop/rental. If you are renting a locker for your skiis, you can either let the skiis be during the whole lockdown, otherwise you have to come and bring them with you before we close – let us know if you leave your locker empty.

If you want to cool down from the summerheat outside you can still visit us as often you want until August 6.

News - Skidhall för längdskidåkning i Göteborg.

Weekly piste

Our members are not skiing as frequently during summer and the snow gets more rest, so we don’t need to piste as often as we do in the winter. From june until august we only piste once a week – monday morning.