How does it work?

Indoor skiing – does it sound complicated? Not at all, follow our simple steps.


Buy your entrance and rent ski equipment in the Skidome shop, right next to Skidome. An entrance card for the changing room is included.


Take your boots to the changing room, change and lock any locker with the card.


Entrance to Skidome is through the Skidome shop. If you have rented equipment, you will pick up your rental skis and poles before entering the snow.


Any questions? Ask our staff and we will be happy to help you!


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Skidome welcomes everyone – young and old, beginners and elite skiers. You can’t be too slow or too fast to fit in. Skiing on your own does not require advance booking. Larger groups (10+ persons) require booking in advance. Please contact us at, so that we can offer the best possible service during your visit.

April-September (low season)During our low season, there are few skiers at Skidome. You have plenty of space and there are plenty of free times for private lessons, courses and events. The most visitors during the low season are on weekends, mainly Saturdays. Our Skidome shop, where you pay entrance, rent ski equipment and buy coffee, has slightly shorter opening hours. If you are not a member (holds an annual pass/10 pass) and would like to go skiing when the Skidome shop is not staffed, you can pay your daily entrance fee at the hotel reception on the entrance floor. The hotel reception does not sell any memberships or rent equipment. If you also need equipment, you can pre-book it by calling the Skidome shop at the latest 16:00 (12:00 on weekends and Swedish holidays (red days)) the day before.


October-March (high season)During our high season, it’s full speed inside at Skidome. We organize courses, camps, private lessons and events on a daily basis. The demand on private lessons and courses is high and there are most visitors in the evenings and on weekends. During daytime on weekdays, we are well visited by school classes and conference groups. On weekday evenings, groups of children and adults from Gothenburg’s various ski clubs train with us, and at regular intervals they also hold competitions. The Skidome shop’s opening hours are extended during the high season to match the demand. The option to buy day admission outside Skidome shop’s opening hours is still available at the hotel reception.


Changing rooms

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The entrance fee always includes the loan of a key card for the changing room. With the card, you can lock any locker in the changing rooms that we share with Nordic Wellness. In the changing rooms, in addition to the lockable lockers, there are toilets, showers and saunas. Soap/shampoo is available in the showers, you bring your own towel.

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Ski rental

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In the Skidome shop, you can rent skis, poles and boots for both classic cross country skiing and skating. We have equipment for small children, youths and adults. Trying out the equipment doesn’t take long, if you know your height, weight and shoe size, it goes even faster. If you have your own equipment, you are, of course, welcome to use it in Skidome. If you need help serving your skis, we have a workshop where you can hand in your equipment.

Skidhyra & vallaservice

The snow and snow preparations

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Our snow
Our snow is made in a large machine outside the arena. The machine creates ice which is then cut into pieces and creates small ice crystals. The snow is transported in via a conveyor belt in the ceiling and falls into Skidome where it is placed and evenly spread with our piste machine. The manufacturing method makes our snow different from normal snow and artificial snow, therefore it also behaves a little differently than what you might be used to.

Once a year we replace all the snow with new and fresh snow. The snow change takes place in August and extends about 5 weeks ahead. During the snow change, Skidome is completely closed for skiing. During the year, we also do a snow scrape every now and then to get rid off the old and well-worn snow, this makes the snow cleaner and higher the snowquality.

Piste machine at work
How often we piste varies and depends on occupancy/time of year. Skiing more often does not automatically give better snow, the snow on top needs time to rest and freeze.

Low season (May-August)
During the low season, we have low occupancy in the Skidome. As the snow gets a lot of rest between skiers, one piste per week is enough. During the summer, the snow is at its best and fastest here.

High season (September-April)
During this period, we have very high demand on skiing in Skidome. The snow doesn’t get much rest from morning to night, 7 days a week. This means that we pist more often (max. 3 times/week) and we also perform snow scraping at regular intervals.

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Ski wax and recommendations

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A grip wax that works good in Skidome is a wax that ranges between a few degrees below 0 ⁰C to a few degrees above. At Skidome, we recommend GS red from Vauhti. Non-wax skis (skin skis) and tape also work fine. We recommend a violet glide wax in Skidome or, if you don’t want to spend as much time on the preparations, Vauhti liquid LDR works just as good. You find both GS red grip-wax and Vauhti liquid LDR among other waxes and tools in our well sorted shop.

We have waxing tables in Skidome that you as a visitor can use to wax your skis. For everyone’s comfort, please clean up after yourself when you’re done preparing your skis.

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What to wear inside Skidome?

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In Skidome it is -4 degrees Celsius all year round with no wind and no rain- or snowfall. We recommend warm but functional clothing that breathes. The layer-on-layer principle with a good base layer followed by a sweater/ski jacket and training tights/ski tights works well. Don’t forget ski gloves and hat/headband!

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